For LATIN ADVERTISING; "Preventing accidents, taking safety as a basis, not harming people and the environment" is the top priority in the activities it carries out.


LATIN ADVERTISING implements a comprehensive Health, Safety, Environment (OHS) policy in order to protect all its personnel and business partners working in its offices, construction sites and related facilities. This policy includes protection against all kinds of pollution, hazards and accidents that may arise from work.


Everyone working at LATİN REKLAM is active in terms of health and safety in terms of Safety, Environment and Security.


It is adjusted so that we have a better value for the day.


• Ensuring that the necessary equipment is maintained to train all our employees, and the appropriate working environment to accommodate occupational accidents and trainings that they can create to create HSE


• Will be able to create environment and human users.


• our entire product, our stones and our training, all our training, all training on health and care, providing our necessary training and environmental protection


• Being prepared for emergencies that may occur


• Compliance with all practices, conditions and regulations


• To use natural resources economically and efficiently



 Chairman of the Board


Latin Reklam Tanıtım Birimleri San. Tic. A.Ş.

Kavaklıdere, Çıtak Sokak, No:6/A, Bornova / İzmir

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